How I ended up backstage at Paris Fashion Week

27 Feb

My friend Kate and I decided we were going to see if we could wait in line and get standing room for the Nicolas Andreas Taralis show at 1:00 in the eighth arrondissement, near the Champs-Élysées. We just assumed that the earlier you got there, the better. We were wrong. We showed up, and no one was there except people who worked for the show. As we were awkwardly standing there deciding what our next move should be, a lady came up to us and asked if we were working. I told her that we weren’t working, but we were waiting to see if there would be standing room so we could see the show. To my surprise, she said “Yeah, come back at 1:00 and find me, and I can get you a seat.” WHAT.

So Kate and I got coffee and came back at 12:45, only to see a huge crowd of people lining up. I didn’t know what to do, so I just planned on getting in the line and hoping that the lady would remember us and let us in. My brilliant friend Kate made the executive decision to wait on the other side until 1:00 and then try to find the lady, like she had instructed us to do. Within three minutes of standing there, another girl, who had seen us earlier, walked out, turned to us and said, “Are you guys working for anyone? Because we need some more dressers backstage. Are you interested?” I’m pretty sure I said yes before Kate even realized what was going on. And just like that, we were brought backstage, assigned a model, and given directions.

I was a dresser backstage at the Nicolas Andreas Taralis show at Paris Fashion Week. PARIS FASHION WEEK. This isn’t just something that everyone gets to do, and I completely understand that. I just happened to have the right amount of luck and confidence, not to mention impeccable timing.

Below are some pictures I took. To see every look from the show, visit STYLE.

3Lining up for the finale.


Some of the male models striking a pose.


Obsessed with the hair at this show.

She is stunning.

2Me with my model, Jamily.


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