Why Not To Shop In Switzerland

11 Feb

By Kara Harms

I came to Switzerland to see mountains and eat chocolate and cheese. I also dreamt of buying an authentic Swiss watch for my boyfriend ,because, other than chocolate, watches are THE THING to get in Switzerland.

And then I saw the prices and I wanted to crawl up in a dark hole and cry.

I was warned that Switzerland was expensive, but I assumed it was the sort of “Rome Expensive” where most things hover around the 100 Euro mark.


Try 200 Francs for a simple shirt. And over 700 Francs for a simple watch, with the good ones more than 2,000. (A Franc is pretty close to the worth of a Dollar, if you need a reference point).

The short moral of this post is that Switzerland is Hella expensive with a capital H. You shouldn’t expect to shop or eat anything in that country unless you want to go bankrupt.  Stick to Rome or Paris or London for affordable shopping.

Unless, of course, one day you find yourself with an extra $2,000 hanging around and you have a sexy man with a wrist that  is just begging for a sexy watch. Then consider going to Switzerland.



Les Soldes

5 Feb

By Melanie Richtman


We all know Paris is considered the fashion capital of the world. Everyone can argue otherwise, but the French know a thing or two about fashion. A lot of the trends we have in the United States were brought over from France. Except one: Les Soldes. “Les Soldes” are giant markdowns in literally every store in Paris. It’s not like a semi-annual sale in the US where you get 30% off some of the store’s product. 90 percent of the store’s merchandise is marked down, usually somewhere between 50% and 70%.

It is literally all anyone talks about. Everyone in my program talks about les soldes. Obviously we are new in Paris, so this is exciting. But even my host mom was talking about les soldes. Her ten year old daughter gets excited about les soldes. Paris is a wonderful place. I have been shopping at least seven times since I’ve been here. That averages to about once every two days. Luckily (and unfortunately) les soldes end this week, so I may be able to have enough money to buy a plane ticket home in May. I hope this trend makes it to America as soon as possible.

Barcelona Beach Swag

30 Jan

By Kara Harms

Barcelona: Where California meets old Europe.

BCN is incredibly hip with trendy skater styles mimicking those found on the West Coast while set to a backdrop of gothic buildings and Picasso art. The large amount of boardwalk strips along the coast allow the young folks to long board all over the city, a refreshing change from all the scooters here in Rome. With the beach on the edge of the city, the locals like to lounge on the sand, surf and long board during the day while wandering La Rambla (the main strip) at night to shop and bar hop.

Because Minneapolis is so very far away from anything close to a beach and, according to Twitter, is currently covered in ice, I wanted to do a post on the beach trends in Barcelona to warm you guys up a bit.


This girl was rocking the comfy-chic look with her bulky flower pattern jacket, skinny jeans, no shoes, a black scarf and a side sling bag. Not to mention a cute boyfriend is always a good accessory to have.


I was so intrigued by this woman’s lace headband, which in my opinion pulls the whole look together. I also enjoyed her knee-high stockings and boots and her studded shirt collar. The best part of her outfit, though, is her leopard print jacket-Rwar!


I saw this girl across the beach and just had to snap a pic of her bold outfit. Take note of her skater shoes, printed leggings, bright blue shirt, headband, hot pink sunglasses and a ponytail braid.


This girl is the definition of BCN style. You can’t see it in this photo, but she has her long board laying the sand. Her bold yellow-orange hat was definitely noticeable and matched her blue-green headphones perfectly. Never has anyone made listening to music look so stylish.

For more photos of BCN, feel free to check out my personal blog: https://karaharms.jux.com/

“Hawt” Trends in Roma

21 Jan

By Kara Harms

Today I ventured down to Via Delcorso, which is a magical street in central Rome consisting of blocks upon blocks of clothing stores, including the ever-favorite Zara and H&M.

While gazing into shop windows and looking through racks, I noticed a few commend trends that appear to be “hot” right now. (Wait, can I use “hawt”? I feel like it fits my fashiony  writer persona much better.)

These are “Hawt” trends in Roma right now.

Spikey Shoes

Look out, these shoes can be dangerous! These edgy designs are all the rage on the shelves right now, maybe since they can be used for shoes and self-defense.

2013-01-21 18.27.59


Is teal the new black? I’m not sure who determines these things, but I am calling it right now. Dresses, shoes, shirts, skirts…everything is teal!

2013-01-21 18.29.34

Bold Statement Necklaces

Big, chunky necklaces of every style are very “hawt” right now and are in every store.

2013-01-21 18.33.50